Floor Polishing Brisbane

Apex Floors can provide you with all types of sanding and finishing. We use all types of coatings from many different coating manufactures including, Toby, Polycure, Urethane Coatings, ERA, Enviropro, Bona, Feast Watson, Cabot’s, Wattyl, Loba, Sikkens, Flood, Synteko.

The 4 main product types we use are as follows:

Solvent base polyurethane.

Two pack or one pack moisture cured, gloss , semi-gloss or satin finish. These types of finish are the most popular, generally harder wearing, they are slow drying and produce a strong odour when curing.

Waterborne polyurethane.

Two pack or one pack, gloss, satin, or matt finish. These types of finish dry very fast and have very low odour. They dry lighter in colour and do not yellow very much over time. Note we recommend using a solvent type sealer as the base coat, although this is not essential we feel it gives better results. The downside is the sealer has a strong odour.

Oil base Finishes.

Tung oils, oil modified polyurethanes. Gloss, semi-gloss, satin or matt finish. These finishes have the lowest level of wear resistance and are the slowest at drying. They tend to darken more with ageing and are good for floors that might have side bonding issues.

External Finishes

These fall into 2 main types. Oil base like Sikkens Cetol or Waterborne oils like Intergrain Ultradeck. These products are softer than internal finishes and are a satin or matt finish. They have some colour in them to help with UV protection and will require more frequent recoating than internal finishes.

Quality Floor Polishing For All Brisbane Homes & Businesses