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We are dedicated flooring specialists. We provide a range of services including floor polishing and floor sanding in Windsor to make old floors look new, and new floors stay looking new. In addition, we provide quality laying, refinishing and resurfacing services. Our products are of the highest quality, and our workmanship is second-to-none.

We use Apex Floor Sanding regularly because they can be relied on to leave no mess and to get things done with no fuss – no hassles. Their follow-up service is to be commended. I can always access Peter or one of his team on the phone when I need to, and have answers to my questions instantly. Problems are rare indeed and are quickly and professionally dealt with. I really appreciate how they ‘stuck to a schedule’ and provided outstanding value for money. I definitely recommend Apex Floor Sanding.

Doug Collins – Munters Pty Ltd

EIders Everton Park uses and recommends Apex Floor Sanding exclusively. I personally have used them on one of my properties, and have no hesitation in recommending them to our clients. Aside from the high standard of their work, they’re easy to talk to and simply provide the least inconvenience to landlords and tenants.

Jo (Property Manager) – Elders Real Estate, Everton Park

Apex Floor Sanding delivered. They offered advice, they were prompt, and their work proceeded hassle-free.

Bodan – Windsor

What really blew my socks off was their ‘can do attitude’. I have some rather large pot plants that needed moving and their team simply got in and cheerfully moved them out. No matter what they had to do to get the job done, they did it with smiles on their faces and made the entire project a hassle-free experience.

Julie – Chelmer

I was impressed with the knowledge and advice I received when Apex Floor Sanding recently quoted for the sanding of our St. Lucia home. Their workmanship lived up to my expectations. They were prompt and if they said they’d do something, they did it. It’s so nice to be able to speak in such glowing terms about tradesmen and this company deserves it.

Jim – St. Lucia

I had several sanding companies quote on my job, but only one took the time and effort to look under the house and offer me advice ó Apex Floor Sanding. Their attention to detail was amazing. They not only finished the job on time, they had it completed a day earlier. All my friends have commented on the great work theyíve done.

Nicole – Chermside

Apex Floor Sanding simply gets the work done with the least amount of hassles. We continue to use Apex for all kinds of corporate and commercial projects, confident in the knowledge that they have the expertise that delivers quality results. I have no hesitation in recommending you to Apex Floor Sanding.

Frank Sarri – A.F. Sarri Pty Ltd

The one floor sanding company in Brisbane that I exclusively use and recommend is Apex Floor Sanding. Theyíre honest, reliable and dependable. And their workmanship is excellent. In my dealings with Apex Floor Sanding – that stretches well over 12 years now – they always deliver on their promises, and show the highest level of integrity. I highly recommend Apex Floor Sanding to you.

Glenn Robinson – Glenn Robinson Painters

The most impressive aspect of Apex Floor Sanding – and itís one of many reasons for my unending support of them; is their absolute commitment to our customers. Iíve personally seen how they make sure clients are not only ësatisfiedí – that theyíre absolutely delighted with their results. Nothing is a problem to the Apex Floor Sanding team. Theyíre a great company with a long and proud tradition. I’m proud to recommend them.

Tim Eddy – Tim Eddy Constructions

For a higher level of finish; for cleanliness and for reliability I recommend and use Apex Floor Sanding in my role as supervisor with Inhouse Constructions. They provide an outstanding sanding, staining and polishing service on entire floors and stairs. I’m constantly impressed with their commitment to timeframes. If they say theyíIl get a job done within a particular timeframe, theyíII stick to their word!

Chris Gorange (Supervisor) – Inhouse Constructions

Asset owners seeking a reliable, dependable sanding company will appreciate the fast, efficient and accurate quoting service delivered by Apex Floor Sanding.

Scott Osborne – Property Manager Ray White Alderley

The Queensland Building and Renovation Company uses Apex Floor Sanding and we recommend their services to our clients. All their work is completed promptly by consummate professionals who use only quality, well-maintained equipment.

They’re reliable too, which means we can run our business much smoother knowing theyíIl arrive on time, every time ó and do a first class job to deadlines. I recommend Apex Floor Sanding for all your sanding and floor polishing projects.